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He sleeps. Dead to the world.

Unaware that Sookie calls Alcide to ask him if she can come by. Ask him a favor.
Unaware that she worries about Eric being close to Jason, who is still recovering from his V addiction.
Unaware that Tara stops by to beg Sookie to square things between Lafayette and Eric.
Unaware that she lies for his sake, claiming that she hasn't seen him.
That he is missing.

(In a way he is missing, his old self, the one she knows. Now he is frightened and gentle. But he still has fangs. She reminds herself of that).

He sleeps while she drives to Shreveport and makes a deal with Alcide, about Eric hiding out in one of the homes he is working on, one that hasn't sold yet. Sleeps while she realizes that Alcide is back with Debbie Pelt who's switched V for Jesus. Sleeps while the were bristles at the idea that Eric is in her house.

Sleeps while a phone he no longer has rings and rings and stops to let Bill leave a message. Annoyed at being ignored. Again. Fucking Northman. Arrogant sob.

And then he wakes up and blearily makes his way up the stairs in worn and soft Bermuda shorts and a t-shirt, opening the door - and stepping into Miliways.
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It's hard.

Sookie is pretty and the way she smells makes him want to -

But he tries to behave, even though Pam's revelation that Sookie's house is in fact his house is making it harder.

Sookie shows him a hidden cubby (she has to coax him to climb down the small ladder).

"Wow," he says, looking around in the small space with the bed. "This really is my house."

"Yeah, but not for long," Sookie replies, seemingly disinclined to discuss it any further.

He - doesn't really pick up on that.

"And you live here? In my house?"


So disinclined.

But he presses on, because surely, surely that has to mean something.
"Are you mine?" he asks, hopefully. "No," she replies, curtly.

"Do you belong to another vampire?"
He hopes not and her - just as curt - 'no' kindles a hope in him. A hope that flies out of his mouth, breathlessly.

"Would you like to be mine?"

He looks at her. Hopefully.

"Um, not really," Sookie mumbles, "but - thank you for askin".

It's all so awkward and his open, trusting puppy-face is making it even more so.

And then he is suddenly taking hold of her, moving very, very close. His lips parted in a far more recognicable expression.

She says, "Eric, let me go", and is proud of herself for sounding firm instead of scared.

(His hands are huge).

"I just want to thank you for uh - for everything," Eric says and his voice sounds distant to his own ears. Up close it is really difficult to not get caught up in her scent. "That - that's all."

"You're welcome," she says with a fake smile. "Please let me go now." Trying to will him into doing as she tells him to.

"What are you?" he asks. Emcee called her a fairy girl or half fairy or something. Is that what she is?

The question, this particular question, manages to push Sookie from somewhat intimidated straight to really annoyed.
"I am really sick of being asked that question is what I am," she spits. "Let me go."

And he does. Quickly. As if burned.
"Of course," he says. "Sorry."

And then he settles down under the covers and she tries to make her body forget the sensation of his cold fingers curled around her upper arm.
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And so he returns, reentering Sookie's living room, once again in dirty jeans and with muddy feet.

He sits down on her couch, cautiously, and realizes that she must be on the phone with someone out in the kitchen.

Going "Pam? Pam?"

Then she hangs up and reappears with a basin of water for his dirty feet. Apologizing because it's grown cold by now, the water.

"I don't mind," he says, looking intently at her as she kneels down and wrings a washcloth.

Her touch is gentle and he pulls one foot back a little, surprising her with a suppressed giggle.

It tickles.

She seems sceptical as she returns her attention to his feet. As if he doesn't fit.

Like in Milliways.

He suddenly, urgently, wants to kiss her, but you can't. Not just like that.
So instead he leans forward , just a little, and says, "You're very beautiful."

She looks up. Even more sceptical.
"Uhm - thanks?"

{ooc: dialogue taken from season 4, episode 3}
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The night is clear, the air crisp.

Eric looks around him as they walk, eyes wide with wonder.
The sounds.
The scents.

Especially Ganymede's scent, the hint of something reaching far beyond human.
It's distracting.

He keeps looking back at him as they walk toward the treeline.
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It's stupid, really.

It's all because of the house. And Sookie.

He'd known she'd return. He'd been certain. So he had bought her house, through an agency of course. Her idiot brother would never have trusted him, but he had never suspected anything amiss with the agency. Not even when he got the asking price.

Anyway, he'd bought it and she'd returned and not been particularly pleased that he could come and go as he pleased.
He'd been happy to see her though.
Surprisingly happy.

Anyway, he'd figured she'd come around. So he'd spent time in Miliways, been condescendingly polite to his new Regent, and waited.

And then he was summoned by King Bill who was all smiles and hinted strongly at houses and giving them back and such.

The joy of turning him down.
Oh, yes.
And Bill having to look like it was all just fine because he knew that Eric Knew People and couldn't be forced into giving up property. Such as houses. And half fairies.

And then he started talking about witches. Not just ordinary witches though. Your Wiccans with their woo woo crystals or your Satanists with their goats' blood or whatever. No, these were the real deal apparently,
Compton claimed he'd had a spy infiltrate their little coven and that the spy had seen them raise a bird from the dead.


Necromancers can control the dead and vampires being what they are -

Well. It would have to be shut down. Eric wanted to send Pam but Bill insisted he go himself. He tried a deflection about whether it had been pre-approved or not but in the end he took the job upon himself.
With an ironic, little bow even.

He should have known it would all go to Hell. He'd been there, during the Inquisition. He knew that if they were the real deal they'd be antagonistic. And skillful.

And yet he just walked in and told Marnie, the head witch, just how things would go. They would disbanden. Straight away. When she tried to argue he asked Lafayette (and what the fuck was that about? Seriously, Lafayette) if that worked with him.

No. Eric tells how he wants it and that is how he gets it.

He grabs Marnie when she tries starting shit and drops fang. And they start chanting.
Of course they do.

Only - only it - does something.
The light disappears.
And Marnie is standing a little ways away, yelling at him. In Latin.
Staring at him.

He can hear the surf and the crashing waves.
And then he falls into her eyes.


The vampire looks around.
And then he runs away.


He walks alongside the road. Bare feet. Bare chested.
His jeans are dirty.

A car slows. Stops.

And suddenly the air smells like summer. Summer and honey and sunlight on waves.

The woman is bright like a sunrise. She calls him Eric.
Is that him?

She smells so good that he has to -
And then she breaks his nose and tells him she will help him. If he behaves.
He promises he will.
Swears it.
To Sookie.
(Not Snookie. He thinks that's her name at first. When she tells him he is a vampire. And he tells her he knows.
He knows he is a vampire.

That is all he knows.)

His nose heals. He sits in her car, his hands in his lap.


She invites him into her house. Since it's the first time he is there. He almost gets mud on the rug straight inside and has to cant his way around it.

And then he just stands there. Huge. Half naked. With tousled hair and muddy, bare feet.

She goes into the kitchen and he hovers, briefly.
Then he walks after her, through the door.

For Tess

Dec. 12th, 2016 07:45 pm
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Eric opens the door to his room and lets Tess in, as he turns on the light.

It's cool and clean and neat, the huge bed made with white sheets and bedding.
(The joys of really good dry cleaners slash rats).

He gestures to the bathroom. "Do you want to head straight to the main selling point?"
Said with the casual irony of someone prety confident that he himself is always the main selling point.

For Sinric

Dec. 10th, 2016 01:30 pm
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Eric's room is cool and dark as he opens the for and lets Sinric in.

He turns the light on and shrugs off his leather jacket.
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The evening air is cool and clear, making the stars look like brilliant pinpricks just out of reach.

He puts a cold arm around her shoulders, leading her towards the forest.

"There's a small clearing a little way inside," he says. "I'll hear if anyone approaches. And the demon bunnies prefer to stay clear of me."
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Eric's room is cool and dark. He switches on the light as they enter and it illuminates the huge bed, the small table, the low chairs.

There are a few objects scattered around. A small Viking ship on the desk, a few framed pictures on the wall.

Eric holds the door for Godric, silently.

Not speaking out of turn - and not able to even if he wanted to.
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Eric's room is cool and dark.

Once they are inside, Eric turns on the bedside lights and pulls off his t-shirt, dropping it on the floor.

There's a bottle of brandy on the small table and the bedding is Egyptian cotton, smooth and silky.
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Eric opens the door to his room and switches the light on.

His room is clean and neat and cool. A filled decanter and a glass on the small table, the bed turned down.
He steps aside to let Emcee in.
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The door opens in a hallway.

The walls are painted dark red and the floor is painted black. That, however, is not the first thing you notice.
The first thing you notice is the music.
Really loud techno from the room at the end of the hallway is making everything vibrate.

The second thing you notice is the smell. Beer. Sweet drinks. Strong liquor.


Eric turns to Jim and points down the hallway, away from the door leading into the club.
"My office is down there," he says, his voice carrying just fine over the noise.

Fic Friday

May. 21st, 2016 08:06 am
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He cringes even if the word is softly spoken, shifting away from the woman, bloody and whimpering, beneath him, and sits back on his heels.

He can feel the blood drip from his chin, but he dare not move.

Just as soft.

And he settles down on top of her again, pressing his lips to her open wounds, feeling her hot blood fill his mouth, feeling the pull of her death, feeling -


He can't. It's too hard moving away. He can't. He -

"Eric. No."

He moves away, burying an urge to growl and snap deep inside.

And then Godric says, "Very good, Eric. A vampire masters himself. Always," and runs a finger along his blood spattered jawline.
And he closes his eyes, and the whole world becomes that point, skin against skin.
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Eric's room is neat and cool. There are drapes suggesting windows, but no actual windows behind them.
At one end, closest to the door, is a small wooden table with carved legs and two low, matching chairs with sheepskin draped across the backs.

To the side is a heavy desk with a lamp, stacks of newspapers, and a closed laptop.

The bed at the far end of the room is huge and massive, and the bedding is Egyptian cotton.

Everything is very clean.

The door to the bathroom is closed.

There are only a few personal objects. A couple of framed paintings and drawings, a small model of a longboat on the desk. That is it.

On the low table is a tray with a decanter and a glass.

Eric walks over, leaning his hip against the desk.

"So." he says.
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The night is dark and cold.

Eric stuffs his hands in his jeans pockets and waits for Athelstan to decide where he wants to go.

For Emcee

Mar. 19th, 2016 08:07 am
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Eric unlocks the door and waits for Emcee to enter first.

The bedside lamps are lit. The rest of the room is dark.
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Eric's room is neat and sparse.

The bed is turned down (the huge, luxurious bed), the small lamps (on the desk, on the small table, by the bed) are lit, and there is a bottle of brandy and a glass on the small table.

He walks inside and deposits his cell and his keys on the desk.
Then he turns to look at the boy.

He looks bigger, standing there in the dimly lit room.
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Eric's room is clean and neat.

There is a bottle of (very nice) red wine on the low table, and the bed is covered with sheets of smooth, Egyptian cotton.

The door to the bathroom is open. It is indeed magnificent.

For Amanda

Jan. 23rd, 2016 07:29 pm
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Eric's room is neat and sparsely furnished.

There's a desk with a laptop, a small table with a couple of low, ornate wooden chairs, and then, of course, a bed.

A massive bed.

The walls have a few pictures and there's a model of a longship on the desk next to the computer.

He steps aside to let Amanda in.

For Emcee

Jan. 3rd, 2016 11:39 am
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Eric's room is partly lit by the lamps by the bed.
Everything is neat and tidy.

The bed is mostly filled by a stretched out, reading vampire. His feet are bare.

He turns a page. Listening.
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